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Kaixin Zhang

Motion Pictures & Television / MFA
Motion Pictures & Television, Emphasis in Directing

I am Kaixin Zhang, an accomplished film director with a rich background in both the performing arts and cinematic storytelling. At 16, I directed my first dance-themed short film, "Steps of Youth," marking the beginning of my journey as a film director. This theme, derived from my 12 years as both a student and a professional dancer, paralleled my work as a pianist composing the soundtrack for my own film. My respect for imagery and music, coupled with a lifelong passion for various art forms, has steadfastly guided me on the path to becoming a film director. Before deciding to become a director who brings diverse human stories to the screen, I was a storyteller on stage. Transitioning from a dancer with a profound understanding of the stage to a stage director, my experience directing dance drama and major events has honed my skills in visual artistry, communication with actors, and pacing of performances, enriching my aesthetic accumulation as a film director today. I have always maintained a respectful attitude towards the synergy of visuals and sound. As a film director with a portfolio of over ten works, I continuously explore my potential, driven by my passion for storytelling through visuals. This journey has led me to create several commercials and documentaries, including the advertisement "Seconds Matter" for the San Francisco Fire Department, and promotional videos for Center 3, Air Traffic Management Bureau CAAC, Asia's largest air traffic flow management center. My short film Off to Care won Best Shot in a Day at the 2024 NXTUpfest.

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