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Junhong Wu

Motion Pictures & Television / MFA
Motion Pictures & Television, Emphasis in Directing

My name is Junhong Wu, and I’m one of the nominated film directors for this year's NXTUP. In the past, I’ve worked on short films and commercial advertisements, mostly in the role of director, but I’ve also been involved in cinematography, editing, after effects production, color grading, and other tasks. Currently, I’m a master's degree student in motion picture & television, majoring in directing. I’ve been passionate about films since childhood, with "Titanic" being the first movie I watched. Films like "Interstellar," "In the Mood for Love," the French short film "The Piano Tuner,” and "1917" have ignited my passion for filmmaking. My dream is to create biographical films and universe films. I also hope to inspire everyone passionate about filmmaking through my visual language.

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