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Spring Show 2022

Welcome to Spring Show 2022


Academy of Art University challenges students to Defy the Ordinary and take a creative leap into the Extraordinary. The work in this showcase displays the art and design that our students created as their response.

Journey to the intersection of art, design, and technology where Academy of Art University students live. Experience the extraordinary paintings, games, films, fashion, photography, design, sculpture, illustration, animation, advertising, and more.

Check Out the Interactive Globe

Collaborative Projects

Interdepartmental and Group Works

At any given moment, dozens of collaborations are happening at the Academy. From corporate-sponsored courses with companies like Pixar, NASA, and General Motors designing games, cars, and products, to a group of students on campus and on zoom working in VR to design our world in 2040.

In each case, students learn to collaborate across disciplines, solve problems creatively in teams, adapt to changing circumstances, and persist in the face of challenges.


Foundations courses prepare first-year students to enter their accredited degree programs. They are not part of any degree or certificate, and Foundations is not a “School” at the Academy.

But the power of Foundations should not be overlooked. Students gain solid skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture—core skills that inform the work they will do in their degree programs, and in life.

Companies That Have Hired Our Graduates

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