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Industry Partners

The Invisible City - Courtyard View / Sanjana Waghmare

Welcome Industry Partners

Interested in meeting our talented students and reviewing their portfolios? Please contact our Industry Relation Team to set up an appointment.

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Our graduates bring a myriad of experiences with them as they enter the professional world. They have participated in collaboratives that have produced work for companies such as General Motors, Stellaris, Pixar, Riot Games, Aveda, Banana Republic,

Non-profits and government agencies such as NASA, the Norman Rockwell Museum, The Coast Guard, San Francisco Fire Department and more, designed restaurants, designed and painted community murals and gardens, and created Academy Award winning Animation and Special Effects work.

This is real work. With real companies. On real projects. They have:

  • Hours of on-air radio experience.
  • Worked with major jewelry designers.
  • Credits working on hit movies and video games.
  • Taught art in schools and museums.
  • Shown their fine artwork in galleries throughout the world.
  • Received credits on award-winning national ad campaigns.
  • Showed their fashion designs at New York Fashion Week and in San Francisco.
  • Interned at small start-ups in Silicon Valley and big companies all over the world.
  • Experience running the business end of a retail fashion boutique at shop 675.
  • Presented their lifestyle designs to executives from Audi, Jaguar, Volvo, and GM.
  • And so much more.

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