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Kylan Philipona-Breton

Kylan Philipona-Breton

Motion Pictures & Television / MFA
Motion Pictures & Television, Emphasis in Cinematography

I'm Kylan, originally from France, I moved to California to pursue my studies in cinematography and expand my vision of cinema. I live to see, for making images, shaping light, color, sound... but above all I live for the philosophy of an image, what it can tell us, how and above all why? I've been taking stills for about 8 years and making videos for about 6. I started with my iPhone 4, without meaning, just with a want for creating beauty (or at least trying to). Today, it's much the same: me, a camera, my passion, but I create more intentionally, finding beauty not only in the image, but also in its meaning, in the process, in the message conveyed and in the souvenir. I live to tell visual stories, trying to make people dream, touching them, and if I do, my work is successful and I'm even more happy!

Cinematogrpahy, Winner

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