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Chen Shao

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / MFA

Chen Shao is a creative and meticulous professional dedicated to the art of sound. With a profound love for sound design in movies and games, Chen consistently strives to create captivating auditory experiences that resonate with audiences. Paying meticulous attention to the logical and cohesive aspects of sound, Chen never ceases to pursue better auditory effects. Chen's portfolio showcases a comprehensive range of sound-related projects undertaken during their academic years. Their work encompasses various aspects of sound design, including synchronous recording, audio editing, foley design, environmental sound design, SFX design, and final mixing. The portfolio serves as a testament to Chen's versatility and expertise in different aspects of sound production. Driven by the belief that sound has the power to enhance storytelling and create immersive experiences, Chen is constantly honing their skills to bring narratives to life through meticulously crafted audio. Their work reflects their unwavering commitment to creating soundscapes that captivate and engage audiences. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for pushing the boundaries of auditory excellence, Chen is eager to collaborate with fellow professionals in the industry. They are committed to contributing their creativity, technical prowess, and dedication to delivering exceptional sound design. Chen Shao's unwavering commitment to sound, combined with their creative mindset and meticulous approach, make them a valuable asset in the field of sound design.

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