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Short edit i filmed of my close friend in Amnéville France.
Rollerblad Competition I filmed and covered in Czech Rebuplic

Tyriek Gibson

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

I am a cinematographer and lighting specialist, The premiered video i filmed is called "Whispers." While I came up with the initial lighting concept for the project, I enlisted the help of a talented writer and director, Mauricio and Claire, respectively, to flesh out the screenplay. With their collaboration, I was able to focus on the visual aspects of the film and bring my lighting vision to life.

As the project progressed, I assembled a top-notch team of professionals from every aspect of the motion picture and television departments at AAU. Their contributions were invaluable in making "Whispers" the success that it is today.

I am proud to have worked alongside such talented individuals and played a key role in bringing this project to fruition. I am excited to continue exploring the art of cinematography and lighting in future projects.

NXTUPfest Nominee: Cinematography: Whispers
WINNER: Cinematography - Whispers

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