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This was an edit that a customer paid me for and I ended up really liking the final product.
I made this for Lockdown Performance to create some buzz around their new energy drink.
I created this to showcase what I could do for Huffaker as a media specialist.
I was fortunate enough to fly Winter Jam 2022 at Sonoma raceway. This project was something I edited in collaboration with Jesse at TSW Media.
This was completed for our final in Lighting 1 last semester. I did the cinematography and editing for this remake of the scene from "Frequency" (2000) where John first speaks to his father over the radio.
This was my first ever attempt at a narrative film that I wrote myself. Zoe is in for a chilling surprise when she comes home to find her house empty.

Travis Barry

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

As a drone pilot within the motorsports community, drifting has captured my attention over any other sport. In this micro documentary I attempt to expose the motivation behind this sport as I follow Jason Muir as he competes to make a name for himself within the drift community.

I am an FAA Part 107-sUAS Commercially Licensed pilot. I am a skilled operator of FPV drones and standard camera drones; provide handheld videography, photography and cinematography services, video editing, and content creation for social media or promotional materials.

I take pride in providing media solutions and video editing services while collaborating with local clubs and businesses for promotional content, music videos, short films, and documentaries.

Some of my clients include: Drift Evolution; Stockton Dirt Track; Huffaker Motorsports; Monster Truck Madness; Drift Apocalypse; Drift SF; Good Luck League; Amateur Drift Series; Gilded Pilot; Outlaw Drift Series; Drift Maybe; Racer.

NXTUPfest 2023 Nominee: Documentary: Drifting
NXTUPfest 2023 Nominee: Micro-Doc: Kamikazee: What Drives a Drifter

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