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Max Miles

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

As a Cinematographer, I have learned what it takes to make a beautiful image. I have to power to shape light and move the camera in a way that makes me connect with the subject in front of me. It feels almost like a dance. I love what I do and hope to share my work with the rest of the world.

Max Miles, born Max Miles Venenciano, is a Filipino- American Cinematographer and Camera Operator from San Francisco, CA. He began his journey at the Academy of Art University, where he found his passion for camera operating. In 2023, he attended Sundance Film Festival, where the feature film, "Fremont," he worked on as 2nd Unit Director of Photography was premiering.

Max currently works as a Camera Operator including IMAG operator and ENG operator for I.A.T.S.E Local 16.

NXTUPfest 2023 Nominee: Cinematography: The Audience
WINNER: Cinematography

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