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Marilyn Chen

Motion Pictures & Television / MA
Motion Pictures & Television, Emphasis in Directing

Marilyn Chen, originally a professional ballroom dancer from Beijing, discovered her passion for acting at 15 after landing a role in a TV drama. This experience sparked her interest in performing arts, leading her to the prestigious Beijing Film Academy and a flourishing early career in film and TV, featuring in over 15 productions.

Her academic years culminated in a pivotal shift toward film direction, influenced by a significant conversation with her father. Pursuing this new path, Marilyn moved to theAcademy of Art University in San Francisco to hone her directing skills, focusing on drama, mystery, and romance genres.
After directing notable works including "Never Too Late" and completing her studies, Marilyn continued her education in a master’s program at USC. Currently, she is developing a screenplay for her next film, while her career trajectory shows a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth, evolving from a dancer to a director capable of touching deep human emotions through her films.

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