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The Old Games We Play Lesson Plan
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Paige Shivers

Paige Shivers

Art Education / MFA
Art Education

Paige enjoys looking at old things in a new way, getting a new perspective and evolving the lessons we learn from. Here is a children’s game that has been enlarged in clay that hopefully gets the viewer to think. Capturing the moment when the wrecking ball strikes the house of cards. Do the cards represent thoughts, or the wrecking ball, or both? How are you treating your thoughts and ideas?

Lesson Plan Inspiration: The Old Games We Play Sculpture Project is inspired by reflection on the things that help sculpt how we learn to perceive the world as children. Game playing is traditionally influenced by culture and sociological elements. Getting high school students to re-think how they perceive these old games and make something new out of them in the physical world, empowers them to reflect and re-think in general as well as encourages these activities to help them bloom and grow.

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