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Paige Anderson

Paige Anderson

Art Education / MAT
Art Education

I am a designer, animator, and a graduate Art Education student. I received my bachelor's from Emerson College in Visual Media Arts Production, and recently completed my Masters Degree in Teaching at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

I started out as a graphic designer, then fell into animation, then discovered the best of both worlds in motion graphics. I worked as a PA in LA, and have switched to freelance in the last two years.

I discovered that I loved being a teacher when I took a trip to Greece and volunteered in the refugee camps teaching my own art lessons and I hope to go back soon!

My Capstone Video describes my experience and goals as an artist and educator. I share my journey to become a teacher, and talk about my passion for teaching underprivileged students. My mission is to promote student-directed learning through hands-on, exploratory projects, to build students' socio-emotional communication by providing challenging, emotionally rich prompts for student work, and to increase students' technological knowledge so they can better participate in the modern world.

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