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Matthew Mitchell

Matthew Mitchell


I am a designer who is passionate about creating new and exciting experiences that challenge the common conception of space and time. I am interested in the development of form through rational problem-solving and emotional expression in order to create meaningful experiences.​

My inspiration derives from the unperceived logic governing nature's design.

Through art, architecture, robotics, and mechanics my intent is to humbly imitate and integrate with the processes of divine creation.

The privilege to leave a lasting impact is an opportunity architects are gifted with in every building they design. I believe architecture holds the power to improve the lives of people and solve many of the world’s problems. I nd great meaning and signi cance in having the opportunity to serve society and leave the world a little better or more beautiful. I have a lot of relatable life and world exper ience that gives me a unique vision to contribute. I still have very much to learn but I am humble always eager to learn and improve my abilities.

B.Arch Design Advocacy Award

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