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Lowai Ghaly

Lowai Ghaly


Moving to California from Egypt has given me two distinct senses of spaces and surroundings. It has influenced my different approaches to the profession and how to tackle areas in an urban setting.

The individual projects I have worked on have distinct processes, which lead to user and site specific designs. For me, delivering a project that evolves from the initial process leading up to the final product impacts the experience of the users. I firmly believe that design has no limit, and the more I work on the initial concept, it impacts the final design. Every small detail of the concept can influence a space to serve its purpose. Evolution of details in a design is an effective way to experience the space. It also affects the functional quality of the space by giving it its own identity through the design language.

I hope to deliver projects that do justice to my idea of Architecture and the experience designed to engage the users' senses.

Lowai Ghaly is recognized for his exemplary leadership that created a productive work environment for the team. He led by example through his design acuity, positivity, accountability, and concern for others.

B.Arch Collaborative Project Leadership Award

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