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Yucheng Deng

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / MFA

My name is Yucheng Deng. I am studying Sound Design at AAU. My undergraduate major was Recording Arts, which is very similar to what I am currently studying. I have nearly seven years of learning experience in the field of sound. In the process of learning, I not only mastered the use of relevant software, but also became very proficient. In addition to sound design, I also have a certain level of professional knowledge and proficiency in arranging, mixing, and music production. I excel at challenging and difficult works. Completing them gives me a great sense of achievement. I am also skilled in creating sound effects related to martial arts, movements, gunshots, and other related topics. In addition, ambient sound design is also my strong point, and I have a high level of proficiency in synthesizers, which allows me to design the desired sound on my own. Thank you!

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