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Kevin Chitsungo

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / BFA

My name is Kevin Chitsungo, I am from Mozambique in Africa. I have always been striving to create all types of music for everything I find interesting. Whether that be movie scores, animations, commercials, games, you name it. At ten years of age I started singing, which lead me to learning how to play the guitar with my uncle. Learning how to play the guitar introduced me to the world of producing music. So, at 18 years old I decided to teach myself how to produce music on Logic Pro, and after working that muscle I was finally good at it, and that is when I first felt accomplished. My father quickly noticed that my music was beginning to sound good, so I suggested that I now learn music scoring for film. At first I wasn't so fond of the idea, but as soon as I gave it a shot I found myself falling in love with film scoring, that also lead me to love scoring for games.

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