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Shunshun Li

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

While studying in the School of Motion Pictures & Television at Academy of Art University, I have worked as a creative producer and led my team to shoot multiple thesis films and PSAs, some of which have been nominated for film festival awards.

Living and studying in the U.S. has broadened my perspective and world view by exposing me to stories that I would not have access to in China. In my first year here, I worked on a short film about lesbianism. Coming from a traditional Asian country, the story helped expand my definition and acceptance of non-heterosexual love.

I have also had the privilege of not only strengthening my connections with Chinese students, but also nurturing relationships of the many talented filmmakers from most of the Western countries, Central and South American countries and Australia. Through these relationships and those I developed with students in the School of Moton Pictures and Television, I developed the requisite skills to line produce, and my confidence to effecitvely lead teams through the preproduction, production and post-production process.

My goals in continuing my graduate studies at Chapman University are to continue honing my technical skills, surrounding myself with talented and passionate filmmakers, and bringing to life interesting and evocative stories.

NXTUPfest Nominee: Picture Over 12: Eva's Conundrum
NXTUPfest 2023 AUDIENCE AWARD Picture Over 12

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