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Quentin Strange

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

My name is Quentin Strange, I am a San Francisco Bay Area cinematographer. Growing up there were always two things I was interested in, sports and film. There was something about being able to capture moments and stories through the manipulation of a camera and lens that really intrigued me, and as a result I would always carry around a camera. After always carrying around my Mom’s camcorder, I would eventually get my first camera, a Flip camera, and from there I would always have a camera in my pocket even before having a cell phone.
In high school, I took the generic path of high school with no real plan for what to do afterwards. It wasn’t until the summer going into my senior year of high school where my passion for the camera was reignited when I was introduced to a “Pre-College High School” film program and realized that my passion for working with cameras could be a natural career path, not just a hobby. So I quit the varsity football team, ending a chapter that played a significant role in my life for a long time to go all-in to pursue cinematography and never looked back.
My passion is being a cinematographer making narrative films and UNTITLD. Media, my creative agency I founded in 2018, specializing in creating branded content.

NXTUPfest 2023 Nominee: Commercial/PSA: Legacies Are Built in the Off Season/Nike

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