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Gloria A. Downey

Motion Pictures & Television / MFA
Writing for Film, Television & Digital Media

Gloria A. Downey is a former prosecutor of terrorists and rapists self-resurrected as Filmmaker, Warrior, Visionary. Left for dead by the Air Force and VA after her deployment to Baghdad during the surge in 2007, Gloria continues her lifelong pursuit of justice via filmmaking: “litigation by other means”. A disabled combat veteran, Gloria spent 16 years since her deployment fighting for her life after being made to help breed ISIS in a sham court system created to appease the public after the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal.

Gloria knows unequivocally that veterans are not killing themselves – this suicide epidemic we are facing, which rips our friends and family from us daily, is the product of apathy, neglect and the VA’s addiction to big pharma. Gloria has accrued five duffel bags of empty VA pill bottles – all provided to her by the VA in lieu of healthcare – her most recent medals received for her honorable service to her country. Despite this treatment, Gloria has become a healing warrior on a bridging mission because she knows most disabled veterans aren’t also former award-winning JAG officers capable of naming the injustices and cruelties we are expected to endure.

Recently, Gloria’s peers asked her not to talk about Iraq anymore – Gloria shot a film about it. Gloria has made it her personal mission to talk about her wars in Iraq and with the VA since finding her ultimate therapy - filmmaking - and she will never stop speaking truth to power.

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