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Eden Moshe

Motion Pictures & Television / MFA
Motion Pictures & Television, Emphasis in Directing

Hello my name is Eden Moshe, I’m 21 and I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Ever since I was a kid I've loved the art of filmmaking. I didn't have many friends that were into it at the time so I got used to either working with myself or forcing them to act. Growing up I have always looked up to directors and found my love for their job. I love to create and I think that film is the most beautiful outlet. I started with an ipad 2 and found the trailer template feature in Imovie. I remember the times I would get my friends together and write a small story for a trailer. From then I would create tons of trailers for films that never existed until I got into actual filmmaking and storytelling. Now I am at a school filled with people that love what I love and I couldn't be more appreciative. I'm excited to see where my life goes from here and I can't wait to meet and see the other nominees!

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