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Justin Wagner

Landscape Architecture / MFA
Landscape Architecture

As a Landscape Designer at Robert Boro Landscape Architecture and an avid skateboarder for over twenty years, my approach to design is uniquely shaped by the interplay of movement, connection, and communal spaces. My designs are driven by a fascination with unconventional uses of environments. Like, how a skateboarder, for instance, sees possibilities in urban landscapes that others might overlook. I believe this perspective infuses my work with a sense of play and excitement, aiming to create spaces that foster happiness and facilitate moments of connection.

I believe that well-designed spaces can transform ordinary moments into opportunities for interaction and support among strangers, turning public spaces into communities. With a deep passion for urbanized recreational areas, my ultimate goal is to design environments that are not just functional but are vibrant hubs of community life. I dream of one day leading large-scale urban design projects, exploring innovative solutions that bring happiness and connection to public spaces locally and internationally.

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