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Art Nouveou Pendent
Photo by: Xiangyue Zhu Medium: Watercolor
Winter holiday custom design earring
Photo by: Xiangyue Zhu Medium: Watercolor
Photo by: Xiangyue Zhu Medium: Enamel 2inx2inx1.2in
Winter holiday custom design necklace
Photo by: Xiangyue Zhu Medium: Watercolor

Xiangyue Zhu

Jewelry & Metal Arts / BFA

My jewelry pieces are like windows into my psyche, reflecting my fascination with human relationships and social issues. Using abstract style and enameling, I imbue each piece with its unique character, speaking to the beauty and complexities of our world. My work explores the interplay of emotions within us all, inviting the viewer to explore their experiences with a fresh and curious eye. I strive to use materials that create harmony between the natural world and my artifice, evoking organic patterns that capture the stunning variety of life on this planet. I also incorporate my experience with depression and anxiety in my work, creating a monochromatic color palette that speaks to the transformative power of art. Through my creations, I hope to connect with others and inspire them to engage with pressing social issues.

Spring Show BFA 1st Place

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