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Photo by: Skye Zhu Medium: Copper, brass, silver, bronze, enamel 6.5"x6"x0.5"
Photo by: Skye Zhu Medium: Copper, enamel, brass 3"x3"x0.5"
Photo by: Skye Zhu Medium: Copper, brass, bronze, silver, enamel 5.75"x5.75"x6"

Skye Zhu

Jewelry & Metal Arts / MFA
Jewelry & Metal Arts

My jewelry creations reflect my fascination with human relationships and social issues. Through abstract styles and enameling, I imbue each piece with a unique essence that captures the beauty and complexities of our world. Inspired by the interconnectedness of people, I convey the range of emotions we experience. Mindful of our impact on nature, I use materials that harmonize with the environment. Organic patterns in my work celebrate the diversity of life. Additionally, I explore mental health, drawing from my own experiences with depression and anxiety. Ultimately, I strive to create visually stunning and emotionally resonant pieces that foster connections and inspire engagement with social issues.

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