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Ring 1
Medium: 3D Printed Nylon
Ring 2
Medium: 3D Printed Nylon
Ring 3
Medium: 3D Printed Nylon

Margo Swedish

Jewelry & Metal Arts / MFA
Jewelry & Metal Arts

I am a multimedia artist who has found my passion in jewelry. One of the most interesting ways in which we express ourselves is how we adorn ourselves. I am excited by the internal and external dialogue in the creation of jewelry and in the finished product.
For this collection, I was inspired by technology and 3D modeling tools with which I’ve learned to bring ideas I’ve had to life. I was thinking of bubbles, honeycomb rocks, hematite, and my overall love of gemstones. I was also struck by the 3D modeling process that evoked negative space. I was intrigued by what it could do, and more importantly, what form is left behind. This enabled me to turn my ideas of form into sculpturally designed jewelry that enhances the lines of the body and expresses the emotions within.

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