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Let Me Fly
Photo by: Anousha Mohsenidarabi Medium: Bronze
The Weight of Freedom
Photo by: Melika Dehghan Medium: Steel, Hair, Wood, Copper
The Cost of Expression
Photo by: Melika Dehghan Medium: Copper, Gel Medium, hair, Bronze
Mahsa Amini
Photo by: Melika Dehghan Medium: Hair, copper, Bronze, Gel Medium
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Anousha Mohsenidarabi

Anousha Mohsenidarabi

Jewelry & Metal Arts / BFA

As an Iranian artist, my work is deeply influenced by the ongoing revolution that is unfolding in my homeland. Through my art, I seek to explore the complex social and political realities of Iran today, shedding light on the challenges, struggles, and triumphs of those who are fighting for change.

The Iranian revolution is a momentous event in the history of our country, and its impact is being felt by people from all walks of life. My art is a reflection of this moment, capturing the energy, passion, and urgency of those who are working to shape a new future for Iran.

Spring Show BFA Best of Show

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