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Swaroopa Dugani

Interior Architecture & Design / MA

My name is Swaroopa Dugani. I am originally from India and moved to the United States in 2017. I hold multiple degrees in Computer Science and have worked in the software industry for a couple of years. Growing up in India, I always knew that I wanted to study interior architecture and design. My passion for interior architecture and design has been with me since I was young. Indian architecture, particularly the ancient village of Hampi, fascinated me with its amazing structures and the way they were put together. This curiosity and passion for learning about the creation of interior spaces led me to pursue a career in design. When I moved to the United States, I realized that I still had an opportunity to pursue my dreams. I started reading and researching about the design industry and came across an article about green building. That's when I started delving deeper into this concept. Now my goal is to learn more about creating sustainable designs and reducing carbon footprints. My education, work experiences, and passion for craftsmanship demonstrate my interest in interior architecture and design.

In my portfolio, all of my projects show acceptance of sustainable and green initiatives, creating a sustainable environment for the users. For a greater presentation of my background and qualifications, please review my portfolio.

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