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Natalie Kuo

Interior Architecture & Design / MFA

Born and raised in Taiwan, I have moved to 6 cities in 4 different countries during the past 20 years due to school, work, and family. Over the years, I have come to appreciate how different interior architecture and design in a given space shapes the users’ perception and feelings. For me, interior architecture and design should go beyond functionality and aesthetics; it is about creating experiences. Through design, users are sent on a journey of the designer’s vision from the beginning when they enter the spaces. Therefore, interior design can be described as a continuous interaction, a dialogue, between space and its users. A good design is able to keep people inspired, enhance their well-being, and bring comfort.

The selected projects reflect the idea of creating an experience, and thoughtful interior designs pertinent to the users of each space. I am in my second year of the Interior Architecture & Design MFA program at the Academy of Art University. I am excited and passionate about the journey ahead and striving to become a well-rounded interior designer.

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