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Munguntulga Baljir

Interior Architecture & Design / MA
Interior Architecture & Design

A professional interior designer and more; I have developed my skills by working with various professional teams on different construction and inspection projects. I lean towards Interior design as it is an Art that appeals to the five human senses, not just following the function. How to isolate the inner space from external sounds, what to hear and what not to hear? How to show beautiful nature, what to hide and what to highlight? what surfaces to choose and what uncomfortable surfaces to avoid? How to solve kitchen and outdoor smells? Etcetera, It is the art of how to design with so many influences.

When I was assigned to design the interior of the Community Center for Refugees, I thought of these people and how they are breathing under terrible pressure. So, I decided to create an interesting environment that could help them forget their problems. I think that the choice of a concept related to the book corresponds to the purpose of the project, because refugees try to find happiness in a new world. When we open the book, we learn new things, and when we turn the pages, we see a very interesting shape; these shapes will be innovated in my design.

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