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Juhi Vyas

Interior Architecture & Design / MA

My passion for Design started when I was very young going to school and my mom let me arrange my room the way I like it. We used to make different décor with origami and she let me make paintings for my room. This is when I understood I love my house looking beautiful. When I grew up I started going to my Uncle's project sites and loved what he did as an Architect in India. I loved the traditional elements mixed with modern ones and how beautiful the execution was. This inspired me to pursue my Master's in Interior Architecture. I loved the fact that the Design is very personal and at the same time is like your signature but very stylish. I want to grow to be a designer who is always learning and honestly there is no dull moment in the Design field. There is always something new and upcoming.

The Projects I presented in my portfolio are the ones that are close to my heart and express my love for traditional Design. I love Classical Architecture and Design. After taking the course on Classical Architecture and Moldings by ICAA, my love for it grew more. You will be able to see the Ceilings done in a traditional way in my design. I also love the play of classic timeless color in all aspects of the design decisions. It gives Design a new life and will never go out of style.

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