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Morgan Haley Talbot

Morgan Haley Talbot

Fine Art / MFA
Fine Art, Drawing & Painting

My name is Morgan Haley Talbot, I was born and raised in Danville, California. I spent many years of my life living/visiting family members in the Hawaiian Islands. My inspiration for these pieces stem from my time spent there and my love for the ocean and free diving. In these paintings I abstract the figure diving under water. I strive to capture the essence of my underwater experiences, conveying the conflicting sensations that make up life beneath the surface. The underwater world is a place of constant change and contrast ranging from the softness of sand to the sharp unforgiving reefs and the powerful moving currents to calming stillness. It’s a place that can feel busy with crackling noises to unsettling silence in an instant. With every stroke of my brush, I hope to transport my viewers into this captivating world to explore the beauty and mystery of the depths.

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