Medium: monotype print with oil paint
Medium: Mixed Media, acrylic paint, pastel, charcoal, tule, ink
Medium: Digital Drawing
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Jonathan Chow

Jonathan Chow

Fine Art / BFA

Two themes that I am drawn to painting are "dogs" and "sweets". I once had an interaction with someone who believed that dogs do not belong in fine art. I disagree. Dogs, any pet, or anything that we hold dear to our hearts, are an extension of ourselves or of the human condition; I believe they can have a place in fine art. In my mixed media work with my pug as the subject, he is held out by hands. He is literally extended from me.

In another series that I am working on, I portray desserts in a fallen state. At once capable of bringing such joy, the icecreams are now seen as inedible. With this series, I would like to keep the interpretations open-ended and invite the viewer to remember this feeling. I aimed to evoke a feeling from that common experience of dropping one's icecream. I personally think of it as a sudden loss of joy, a loss of innocence or an experience we learn from to hopefully prevent such an occurrence from happening again.

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