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Port of SF
Photo by: ALMAC Medium: Oil 30x30x1.5 inch
Orland Sky
Photo by: Jeffrey Geronimo Medium: Oil 24 inchx48 inchx1.5 inch
Pacific Coast
Photo by: Jeffrey Geronimo Medium: Oil 24 inchx30 inchx.75 inch
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Jeffrey Geronimo

Jeffrey Geronimo

Fine Art / MFA

I've lived almost all my life on the west coast of the United States, so my current series, West Coast Scapes, is to promote the beauty of California, Oregon, and Washington State. It highlights the magnificent scenes of landscapes, seascapes, cloudscapes, and cityscapes that I experienced traveling up and down these areas all season. This series of oil paintings are snapshots of moments emphasizing the elements that create excellent lights and shadows unique to these places. Working on this series is very therapeutic, especially when trying to re-create nature and infrastructure scenes through paints and brushes. It is helping me heal from my battle with anxiety that transpired during my time in the military.

This series will not replace the in-person experience but will provide a visual appreciation to those who still need to experience the region's beauty. The goal is to encourage others to visit these gorgeous places someday.


Jeffrey Geronimo grew up in the Philippines and moved to California when he was eleven. He already developed a passion for the arts at a young age, winning poster-making contests at his school in the Philippines and the US. In 2006, after graduating from high school, he enlisted in the military for eight and a half years. While in the service, he used his artistic skills to create and design command logos and painted military-related art decorations for his unit. After his second term, he left the service and enrolled in the Academy of Arts University to pursue his art education. In 2020 he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree using the Post 911 GI Bill. He is now on track to finish his Master of Fine Arts in Painting/Drawing in the Summer of 2023. His works were part of the Spring Show in 2018, 2020-2022, and the Veteran Art Show from 2018 to 2019, where his painting "Summer Gaze" was selected as the cover of the catalog and other promotional materials. His current series, West Coast Scapes, contains oil paintings featuring landscapes, cityscapes, cloudscapes, and seascapes of California, Oregon, and Washington State. It highlights and promotes the therapeutic effects of these West Coast landmarks through brush works and colors.

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