The Covid-19 Pandemic changed our lives in so many ways, including the ways in whcih we work and attend school. Many people's homes became their offices and study spaces. This is a glimpse of how our homes shifted from places of comfort, relaxation, and refuge, to spaces that also had to accommodate the stressors of work, school, and being largely unable to leave.
Medium: Oil Paint
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Brooke Bartholomew

Brooke Bartholomew

Fine Art / MFA

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and am currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I grew up practicing several of the arts, including drawing, music, and dance. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, and have been a specialized pediatric ICU nurse for five years. My area of study at AAU is an MFA in Painting/Drawing. With my background in healthcare, I have a strong interest in anatomy and drawing the human figure, and that is my preferred subject matter. I work mostly in charcoal and more recently oil paint, and enjoy making art related to sociopolitical topics, and using darker imagery to convey my messages. I am an avid outdoors adventurer, traveler, yogi, and dog/cat mom.

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