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Biju Baek

Biju Baek

Fine Art / BFA

Before starting each project, one of the key activities I engage in is observing the unseen and invisible universe over the layers of my mind from imagination. My daily life, cultural experiences, and daydreams often serve as sources of inspiration for my art. The process for each project begins by gathering these ideas together.

Creating an engaging composition in my paintings is crucial, and I achieve this by strategically placing radiant colors throughout the piece. By not limiting myself to a specific color palette, I can explore different combinations and achieve a more personalized and unique representation of my ideas. Rather than focusing on a specific color palette, I prioritize arranging colors harmoniously on the canvas or paper. This is the aspect of the process that brings me the most enjoyment.

By incorporating cosmic imagery and atypical drawings into my paintings, the scalability of the overall story is further expanded. I let the pieces of short episodes gather together so they can grow to form a longer narrative.
My primary mediums are acrylic paints, inks, and other experimental methods. Through my experiences in painting and drawing, I give myself the freedom to use any appropriate medium for the best results. To kindle my creativity and keep my artistic practice fresh, I am always eager to experiment with new techniques and mediums. Whether it is incorporating unconventional materials or trying out innovative methods, I am constantly pushing the boundaries of my art to discover new possibilities and expand my creative horizons.

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