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Siwen Wang

Siwen Wang

Fashion / MFA
Fashion Design

Meet Siwen Wang, the vibrant soul behind the sketchbook and sewing machine.
For her graduation project, Siwen Wang draws inspiration from the essence of self-protection and comfort. It's about creating a sanctuary from external influences, a space to honor personal beliefs and life philosophies. In her world, fashion design becomes more than the looks of the outcome; it becomes a canvas for expressing one's outlook on life, celebrating freedom, and rejecting constraints.

She likes to use soft fabrics like jerseys because they feel cozy and gentle, giving her designs a tender touch. However, she also enjoys incorporating unexpected elements, such as sturdy materials like rods, to give her clothing structure and durability.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Siwen's color palette is a symphony of grays, greens, and light browns, each shade meticulously selected to evoke feelings of security and solace. In her hands, a garment transcends its materiality, becoming a shield against the chaos of the world and a sanctuary for the soul.

Siwen’s designs are visually appealing and reflect her inner world, where softness and structure coexist perfectly. Through her creations, she invites others to explore their sanctuary, find comfort in the chaos, and embrace their unique perspectives on life.

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