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Muskan Bhardwaj

Muskan Bhardwaj

Fashion / MFA
Fashion Design

Born and raised in India, I am a  headstrong Fashion Designer currently living in the city of San Francisco. Engaging in the art of fashion design not only allows me to express myself but also serves as a therapeutic outlet. Within the confines of my design studio, I am granted a secure space to explore and delve deep into my creative ideas. It is here that I am free to experiment, pushing the boundaries of my imagination and creating unique pieces that reflect my innermost thoughts and dreams.
Moreover, as a Fashion Designer, I have the privilege of inviting individuals into this realm of imagination. Through my creations, I aim to transport others into a world of beauty, where fabrics and colors intertwine to tell stories and evoke emotions. 
In essence, being a Fashion Designer is more than just a profession for me; it is a calling, a way of life. It is through this journey that I have discovered the power of creative expression, transcending mere aesthetics and becoming a beacon of self-discovery. With every stitch and every thread, I strive to leave a lasting impact on both the industry and the individuals who engage with my work. 

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