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Joyanne Li

Joyanne Li

Fashion / MFA
Fashion Design

This collection is inspired by the relationship between mother and daughter. In my opinion, the relationship between a mother and a daughter, especially a young daughter, is the most intimate relationship in the world. But the relationship is not static. With the growth of the daughter, this relationship evolved from unconditional tolerance and dependence at the beginning into division and opposition. However, that tolerance and understanding returned after the daughter grew up to be an adult like her mother. In this collection, shapes are divided, misaligned and then reunited. This process of change is a metaphor for the changes in the relationship between mother and daughter.
I use a lot of creative draping methods in my design. For example, segmentation, misalignment, and subtraction cutting. Based on my design concept and design elements, I do all kinds of interesting experiments on the mannequin. And go back and forth between the draping and the paper pattern. Finally, the illustration can be decided. This approach looks very different from the mainstream design approach, even the opposite. It's a way to find creativity in practice.
I'm Joyanne Li. I live in Silicon Valley, the so-called 'center of the universe'. When AI technology comes like a tornado, many people are questioning designers and the meaning of learning design. I always believe that AI technology can assist us in design, but the human emotions contained in each design work can not be learned and replaced.

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