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Eunsol Kang

Eunsol Kang

Fashion / BFA

Eunsol Kang is a womenswear fashion designer. She holds a bachelor's degree in fashion design from the Academy of Art University. She is from South Korea and has been focused on studying art for most of her life and had a lot of interest in art and fashion since she was little. Fashion is one of the ways to communicate with people to her and she loves to deliver particular messages through fashion design as a language. She is focusing on simplicity, feminine aesthetic, and material when creating her work. The process of getting inspiration from various factors and bringing her own perspectives to fashion design is the biggest joy for her as a designer.

Thesis Project: Reinterpreted Romanticism & 1980s
Her thesis project is composed of ideas from the 1980s and Romanticism. She loves putting multiple ideas or visual elements together. It enriches the simplicity to become an object to be experienced and discovered with deeper joy. Once, she worked with an idea of feminism and realized the gaze on women has so many layers of history. She tried to look into many perspectives of feminism in history. She created another new fashion by combining two completely different eras of the history of women (social status, perspective, politics, culture, etc.). One of the big things that makes her collections unique is the use of unexpected materials. Using reflective metallic fabrics, express 80s power suit silhouettes dramatically and emphasize romanticism's individual feelings and freedom.

Fashion Design Project: Harmony of Transparent Substances
Her “transparent ” project is about simplicity itself. All visual material goes through a process to be simplified. As the image becomes more simple, the message becomes bold and powerful. Dealing with the concept of “transparent” is an interesting process, since all fabric is porous and has a certain level of transparency. And by doing a simple action of putting several materials together (in a simple manner) I believe that I was able to create this ambivalent layer of fabric that contains a bold idea beyond.

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