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Ethan Knight

Ethan Knight

Fashion / MFA
Fashion Design

The designer recently entered the fashion space, having had an appreciation for the arts throughout their life. Participation in creation has been the most appeasing act towards the designer’s present identity, and to exist in the world as a designer and creator is truly a dream. Termed by others as an “exotic minimalist,” the designer seeks to utilize non-traditional materials and means to bring back the art of detail and create sensual feeling associated with wearing.

Paracosm of a damaged mind debuts an exploration of self-projected archetypes in the designer’s own queer journey through storytelling and visceral design. The use of exotic materialization brings to the surface the foremost values of creation–sensuality, wonder, curiosity, and viscerality.

The designer wishes for all who witness to participate in the personal experience of answering their own call to adventure, and allowing newly realized beauty built from adversity lead with love in self-actualization and acceptance.

The designer’s process has always focused on world building, with an inclusion of fashion as who someone can be. Taking consideration for how one may feel or act in textures, prints, drapes–or who they could become–exhilarates the need for specific materials, and preliminary thought as to the creative concept. The designer hearkens to two methods of preparation: personal exploration of specific feelings or environments that can be manufactured through design, and allowing the design to make demands of change as it comes to fruition as Michelangelo ‘freeing’ the bodies within the marble.

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