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Wildly Dressed: An Animal’s Fashion Statement Lesson Plan
Wildly Dressed: An Animal’s Fashion Statement Lesson Plan
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Arielle Parris

Arielle Parris

Art Education / MA
Art Education

I grew up in New York and live in the Washington, D.C., area. I developed a love for art at a young age and I developed a deep appreciation for exploring creatively and integrating culture with art. My passion for education developed as I continued to further my knowledge and interests. Considering myself a forever student, I value education and providing students with
the space to develop their artistic, social-emotional, and creative skills.

I currently hold a B.A. in Communication in New Media and an M.A. in Visual Communication. I am currently finishing my final semester at the Academy of Art University to obtain my M.A. in Art Education. I look forward to starting my career, developing my students individually, and supporting them in their education journey.

My goal as an art teacher is to get to know my students so I can facilitate their art development and understand their individual needs in the classroom. I focus on adaptation and understanding to push my students creatively to succeed. I believe Art Education is essential to students' development as it reinforces skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving, creativity, self-expression, and emotional regulation.

Lesson Plan Inspiration: My art lesson, Animal Patterns: Drawing and Designing Outfits, is inspired by the intersection of art and fashion. As an artist, observing and connecting different elements and diversities is essential to push ourselves creatively and use inspiration from the world around us. As an environmental enthusiast, nature and the natural world often inspire me, and this lesson encourages students to explore the art of animal patterns through drawing and fashion design.

This lesson aims to unlock students' imagination and bridge the gap between art and fashion, exploring how the two relate to each other.

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