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Mohamed Meawad

Mohamed Meawad


My name is Mohamed Meawad, a graduate with a B. Arch from the Academy of art university in San Francisco. Coming from countries with different tradition and culture to a city like San Francisco, where diversity and modernism take place, I have had the chance to embrace my skills and ambition for this field. My architectural studies in Egypt allowed me to situate myself on this path and expand my knowledge.

Pursuing my degree in San Francisco opened a new window of perceiving architecture by introducing me to the various aspects and possibilities through which architectural design can be approached. The conceptual side of design brought me to a new realization and taught me how architecture could be related to every aspect of our lives and in every space we occupy.

Having the experience of living and learning architecture in a metropolitan city helped me to deeply grasp the role that architecture plays in shaping the city and its inhabitants. The journey I have been through is building my understanding of architecture and its impact on our social life and surroundings, yet it has yet to end. My goal is to pursue my education in this field and expand my knowledge to a further extent to develop my understanding and capabilities through diverse possibilities.

B.Arch Community Building Award

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