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Livewire – “Power Corrupts”
Aaron Washington

Aaron Washington

Advertising / MFA

Fanta – “Fantasia”

How does a leading brand of soda position itself as a go-to drink among the more health-conscious Gen Z consumers? By creating a community that they can connect with and enjoy. “Fantasia” is an integrated marketing campaign that involves everything from digital billboards illustrated live by local artists to flash mobs triggered by vending machine purchases. A downloadable app would allow you to track your adventures with each Fanta flavor and even compete with your friends over who’s discovered the most Fanta surprises. “Fantasia” would make Fanta a delightful experience that goes beyond just enjoying a fruity soda.

Livewire – “Power Corrupts”

Being an electric motorcycle brand is hard. When most biker gangs prefer to make a statement with their gas guzzling Harleys, how does a nearly silent electric motorcycle stand out among the crowd? By challenging the status quo and making a statement of its own. “Power Corrupts” is a campaign that dares to position Livewire’s electric motorcycles, specifically its new S2 Mulholland model, as the true definition of rebellion. This campaign flips the common view on its head by insisting that Livewire’s bikes have more power than anyone can handle, even to the point of being corrupted by such power. The campaign would feature Keanu Reeves in a short film of a twisted take on “Red Riding Hood”, ending with the grandmother actually being the Big Bad Wolf because she was corrupted by the Livewire’s power. Mixing the film with digital media and outdoor placements would certainly make the message known: Livewire is the brand for bikers who wish to take on limitless power.

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