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Brooke Worthen

Brooke Worthen

Acting / MFA

Growing up I was always an entertainer. My mom recalls an early memory of me reciting a monologue word for word from “Brother Bear” when I was just three years old. The first time I stepped on a stage was middle school as Nanny #1 in “Mary Poppins”, I’ll never forget the feeling I had of making the audience laugh. I was hooked. In high school, I participated in a number of productions such as “Addams Family” and “Midsummer Nights Dream” and I remember being suggested by several people that I continue my acting journey after high school but it never seemed like a possibility for me.
After I graduated; I was working miserable jobs, living paycheck to paycheck and living in an apartment I couldn’t afford. So I thought there was no better time to reignite my passion and fly across the country to pursue my acting dreams. I Googled “acting schools” and Academy of Art was the first one that popped up. Today, I am working on getting my BFA in Acting and I fall in love with this art form more and more every day. My goals for the future are to tell stories, inspire others, and have fun while doing it.

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