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Thank You Industry Partners

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Your presence and participation at this Spring Show is important

It shows students that their skills are not only still needed, but essential in a virtual environment. Who better to reimagine our future than our designers and creative entrepreneurs?

Thank you for connecting with our students. Your feedback and insights about their work—along with the industry projects, scholarships, recruiting, internships, and job opportunities you provide—prove that their abilities are needed now more than ever.

Professionally Prepared: The Benefits of Hiring Academy Graduates

In addition to an accredited degree, our graduates bring a myriad of experiences with them as they enter the professional world. This is real work. With real companies. On real projects. They have:

  • Hours of on-air radio experience.
  • Worked with major jewelry designers.
  • Credits working on hit movies and video games.
  • Participated in film festivals.
  • Taught art in schools and museums.
  • Played sports at the NCAA Division 2 level.
  • Shown their fine art work in galleries throughout San Francisco.
  • Credits on award-winning national ad campaigns.
  • Acted in plays in San Francisco.
  • Experience showing their fashion designs at New York Fashion Week and in San Francisco.
  • Interned at small start-ups in Silicon Valley and big companies all over the world.
  • Experience running the business end of a retail fashion boutique at shop 675.
  • Presented their lifestyle designs to executives from Audi, Jaguar, Volvo, and GM.
  • Networked with industry professionals from companies like Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games and more.
  • Learned what it’s like to work in the field straight from pro sound mixers, Disney animators, game creators, and major artists and designers.

And so much more.

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