Jameela Muhammad

Writing for Film, Television & Digital Media / BFA

Hi, my name is Jameela Muhammad. A twenty-two year old student, born and raised in West Philadelphia, PA. Ever since I could hold a crayon, art has been my peace, my break from reality, and now my passion. I was a full time student athlete before I attended the Academy of Art for almost thirteen years of my life, I would’ve never thought that the longest portion of my life would be the least interesting. Coming to the Academy has helped me learn who I truly am as a
person and how much of an artist I withheld from living in a trendy city that defined “different” as “weird”... Art used to be a way for me to explain how I felt through a drawing, but the department of entertainment has taught me how to put my words into a story that everyone can either relate to or understand from a point of you that they’ve never realize existed.

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