Ulysses Lee

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / MA

Composer Yuliang Li was born in Dalian, China. During his undergraduate education his music career in Shanghai flourished as a lead guitar player and vocalist in a melodic/death core band. After stepping on the main stage of some of China’s grand music festivals such as MIDI Fest and Donghai Music Fest, Li realized that many great musicians are responsible for composing their own works, not only playing them. This realization inspired Li to begin his education in music composition and arrangement.

After years of study and practice Li can compose in many different genres including film scoring, soul, synth pop, traditional Chinese music, classical orchestra, and of course, rock and roll. Because of his diversity and skills in mixing and engineering, he’s been invited to mix the new album by Vroskiii, a famous underground rap duo in Shanghai. The video exhibited below is a game trailer Li scored for his good friend and collaborator, He Tan.

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