Daniel Burns

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / BFA

Hi! I’m Danny Burns, and I’m a music composer and sound designer for film, television, video games, trailer cues, and other visual media. I write music with a story to tell, and I am always eager and inspired to take on new projects! Here are some synopses of the works included in my demo reel.

• Avisterra (Noiseroom): I wrote, directed, animated, scored, and sound designed the first episode of the animated web miniseries, Avisterra, which won awards for Best Music Score and Best Sound Design at the Academy of Art’s 2020 NXTUP Fest awards show. I am currently working on the second episode in the series, which is also shown in this reel. Additionally, I voice act as the main character, Scythe. Some of the sound design work included recording and editing the shrieks for custom creatures called “Enderlings.” My work on the miniseries was covered in an Art U News article titled Out of this World: https://artunews.com/2020/05/22/out-of-this-world/

• Sonic Omens (Ouroboros Studios): I am writing a majority of the soundtrack, as well as producing cutscene sound design for the game, Sonic Omens, in collaboration with another composer. “I love how the leitmotifs are utilized throughout the score!” the lead developer wrote. “It feels very organic.” Another staff member commented: "It's absolutely unbelievable that this music is from a fan-made project! You would usually expect this sort of quality from a AAA game."

• Adrenaline Dubs: The third project Creating sound design and an original score for an ongoing series of fan dubs of IDW’s Sonic The Hedgehog comics. I’m also working in collaboration with two other sound designers. In the most recent dubs, I have handled, among other things, the sound design for the Wispon, an experimental multitool/weapon wielded by one of the characters.

• Finally, I included some animated short films that I scored and sound designed for. These are Maiden in the Mountain and Burned Out. They are student projects created for a collaborative course I took during the spring semester in 2020.

You can find my extended portfolio, as well as my resume, contact info, and discography on my website: https://www.technocinema.com

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