Alexander Lockett

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media / BFA

Following an eight year career in the Air Force, Alex decided to pursue his passion for music and enrolled into the BFA Sound Design program at the Academy of Art University. It was there he learned to breathe life into visual media with the power of sound design while also becoming a savvy video editor and motion graphics artist.

Alex’s demo reel kicks off with TitanFall, an immersive futuristic warfare scene filled with intense and aggressive sound design. With great attention to detail he placed each sonic element in its specific space on the soundstage to create a realistic experience. Guided by two pieces of intense and emotional music, Alex carefully crafted a form fitted soundtrack to provide a powerful emotional tone for the journey. At the midpoint or commercial break Alex introduces his Monster Truck Promo where he utilized a different set of skills to complete the project. Tapping into his inner hype man, Alex delivered a powerful voice over that captures the imagination. This is accompanied by high octane sound design filled with raging monster truck motors and elements of destruction. All the excitement is driven by a piece of power metal music edited down and layered with the ambience of an arena. Putting his video editing skills to use, Alex was able to turn this radio ad into a heart pumping visual experience. To close his demo reel, Alex again called upon a different set of skills to create Alpha Centauri. Originally developed as a mock movie trailer, Alex created five different motion graphic scenes, each requiring a different level of sound design. To capture the feeling of space portals and time fluctuations, Alex used a lot of time and pitch shifting along with vari-speed editing to capture the right sounds for this project. He also edited and combined several pieces of epic music to accentuate each transition and drive the narrative. Alex created his demo reel to play like a feature presentation and he hopes you enjoy the experience.

Today, Alex resides in Sacramento, California, and is a proud member of the Jam Street Media team where he is currently interning as a sound designer for podcast productions. He is also working towards launching his own company, SoundLock Productions: The right sound for your visual media.

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