NXTUP Nominee: Best Picture Under 8 & Best Directing

Venus Li

Motion Pictures & Television / MFA

Venus Li was raised in China and moved to the United States in 2011. She started her master degree in 2019 after she finished her contract with U.S. Army. She got her MA in Writing and Directing film in December 2020.

Venus Li had received a Master degree in Writing & Directing in 2020 and worked in a high- pressure and last-minute working environment for years in the U.S. Army. The applicant had been working as a student director, first A.D., and producer for 18 months. She dealt with lots of last-minute situations and made them done before the deadline with good outcomes. Her thesis, Abandoned, has been nominated by Best Picture, Best Directing, Best Production Design, Best Sound Design, and Best Music Score. She is a fast learner and always desire to learn.

Venus Li’s short term goals are to start her professional filmmaker life as an assistant in the LA area. Her long term goal is to become a professional producer. Further down the road, she would like to be nominated and become involved in voting for Oscar.

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