NXTUP Nominee: Best Picture - Under 8 Minutes

Livia Guo

Motion Pictures & Television / MFA

I live in a lovely family. My parents teaches me to be a grateful and large-minded person. My younger brother teaches me to be a kind and patient person. My grandma teaches me to be a strong and empathetic person. I am so lucky having them in my life. And that’s why I got a chance to come to the United States to learn film making. I used to be an actor in China for almost 6 years, and went to lots of different sets. Although my major in the United States is producing, I didn’t give up on acting. I starred a mandarin play in here the year before last, and took acting class to learn different system. Life is to keep learning. I tried to produce different genres of projects when I am in school. Because I like to try new things and find my potential. I would like to help the mutual exchange and cooperation between China and American films based on my background.

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